Rechargeable Self-Defense Alarm with High-Decibels and Strobing Light


Alarm Decibel: 130dB
Alarm Duration: 70 mins
Lighting Time: 240 mins
Flashing Time: 300 mins
Charging Time: 1 hour

The Personal Alarm is a small, lightweight device designed to keep you safe in any situation. With a loud, attention-grabbing sound of 130 decibels, this personal alarm can help deter attackers and alert others in case of an emergency.

The Personal Alarm is incredibly easy to use. Simply pull the pin to activate the alarm, and the loud sound will start immediately. This instant activation feature means you can use the device quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation, without wasting any time fumbling with complicated buttons or settings.

This personal alarm is perfect for anyone who wants to feel more secure in their daily life. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers and campers who may encounter wildlife or other potential dangers. It is also great for people who work late hours, travel alone, or live in unsafe areas.

Unlike other self-defense tools, the Personal Alarm is non-violent and does not require any physical contact with the attacker. This makes it a safe and effective way to deter potential threats without risking injury or harm to yourself.

The Personal Alarm is made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. The battery is also replaceable, so you can continue using the device for years to come. With its compact size and ease of use, the Personal Alarm is an essential tool for anyone who wants to feel safer and more confident in their daily life.

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