LED Garage Lights Daylight White Garage Lights Ceiling LED 8000 Lumens

SUPER BRIGHT - Using the 3 adjustable panels on these LED garage ceiling lights, you'll have 8000 lumens of ultra bright light that will provide quality lighting to your entire space and eliminate any dark areas. Installation also requires no tools since these use a screw in E26 standard base that fit normal household sockets.

ADJUSTABLE - Each of the panels give you the ability to move in a 90° range to set up your preferred lighting distribution. These garage LED lights will cover a 360° area with top tier lighting for an indoor lighting experience that you can enjoy.

BUILT TOUGH - Constructed with a sturdy body and aluminum leaf panels in order to dissipate heat quickly and improve overall operation of your garage light bulb during periods of extended use. You can also use the convenient on/off switch on the light if you have no access to a wall switch in your designated area. Ideal for garages, workshop, warehouse, low bay ceilings, patio, basement, storage areas, and more.

CONTINUOUS LIGHT - Get the lighting you need without any interruption since these garage ceiling lights are rated to last you up to 50,000 hours of use, which means no replacement for the next 45 years. Each triple LED garage light lasts longer than traditional light bulbs and lighting fixtures, so you'll have less time worrying about your lights.

RELIABLE LIGHTING - Zero flickering light, zero delay, and zero worries with a screw in LED garage light that provides high quality indoor lighting. Every LED deformable garage light fixture is quick to install, damp location rated for reliability, ETL listed for your safety, has 90° adjustable aluminum panels for customization, and an easy to use on off switch.

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