Black Track Perfume 3.4 FL.OZ


Design and Packaging: Sleek, black matte finish, exuding luxury and sophistication. 

Capacity: 3.4 FL.OZ (100 ml), perfect for regular use and easy to carry.

Longevity: Long-lasting fragrance that stays for up to 8-10 hours, suitable for all-day wear. Moderate to strong, leaving a noticeable yet pleasant trail.

Versatility: Ideal for both day and night use, perfect for casual outings, formal events, and special occasions. A versatile fragrance that works well in all seasons.

Target Audience: Designed for men who appreciate luxury, style, and sophistication. Perfect for the confident, modern man with a passion for high performance and elegance.

Skin-Friendly: Formulated to be gentle on the skin, suitable for daily use.

Gift-Worthy: Comes in an elegant box, making it an excellent gift choice for any occasion.

Affordability: Positioned as a premium fragrance offering great value for luxury scent lovers.

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