10 Inch Doodle Board Writing Tablet

Multifunctional Kids Doodle Board: This innovative educational learning toy has many different uses. Toddlers can express themselves naturally like drawing drawing, writing, imitating, spelling words at anytime and place without confusion on the ground or wall. You will be shown a magical world once your children obtains an LCD drawing board. The ideal interactive toy inspires kids' imaginations and encourages their creative thinking.

Screen Protecting Eyes: The most recent liquid crystal pressure sensitive technology is used in the children's digital LCD drawing board to provide vibrant rainbow colors without glare or blue light. Kids have enough room to write, draw, doodle, and graffiti on the 10-inch color LCD writing board.

No More Mess at Home: Allow your kids to explore their imaginations if they enjoy writing and drawing. Toy LCD writing tablets can help keep smudgy crayons, markers, or chalk out of the house. The reusable LCD writing board is like an unending supply of paper. Children may use their tablets frequently thanks to a replaceable built-in battery, providing them with countless hours of graffiti-related entertainment.

Lightweight and Durable: Toys that make ideal gifts for boys and girls are neatly shaped, light in weight, shockproof, and fall proof, and simple to fit in handbags, travel bags, and school bags. Children can pass hours traveling in restaurants, coaches, cars, and airplanes thanks to the magical kid's travel activity pack and bright bursts. It is the ideal travel companion or for some alone time before supper.

Easy-to-operate Toy Gift: The LCD writing board is intelligent enough to simulate utilizing paper and pencils in a real-world setting. Your children can easily locate the stylus in the groove at the bottom, which is highly perfect for it. comes with two stylus pens to accommodate the various drawing requirements of charming artists! This children's doodle board includes a lock feature, and everything is so fresh and interesting! a wonderful present for both girls and boys.

- Waterproof
- Portable and durable
- Easy to carry
- Great for traveling, car rides, or just to keep busy.
- Dimensions: 10”

Available Options:
- Bunny, Cat, Koala, Panda, Penguin, Piggy, Puppy, Tiger

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