High Pressure Metal Garden Hose Nozzle with 3 Adjustable Spray Patterns

Say goodbye to plastic, leaks, and breakages with our Metal Hose Nozzle. Made from durable materials, this rust-proof nozzle is designed to withstand heavy use. It features multiple internal rubber O-ring gaskets, ensuring a leak-free experience. No longer worry about your hose nozzle becoming degraded plastic waste after just one season of spraying.

Simplicity is key with our Minimalistic Design. The adjustable nozzle head has only one moving part, allowing you to effortlessly switch between shower, sprayer, and jet spray modes for various daily needs. Say farewell to bulky, gun-shaped plastic nozzles with countless unused modes.

Experience High Pressure Performance with our upgraded water gun. It delivers stronger water pressure and a larger water output, making it perfect for showering flowers, cleaning large areas, and tackling stubborn stains. It easily fits American Garden Hose with a 3/4" Garden Hose Thread (GHT).

Effortlessly water your plants with our user-friendly design. The thumbs-up style grip ensures comfortable handling and eliminates the need for squeezing, preventing cramps even during long watering sessions.

Ideal for gardens, lawns, yards, orchards, car washes, sidewalks, gutters, pet showers, and more.

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