Rocket Scent for Air Fresheners, Odor Eliminator and Bathroom Deodorizer (2-Pack)


Powerful Odor Elimination: Combat unwanted odors effectively with our oil air fresheners. Specially designed to target tough smells, including smoke, pet odors, and more.

Versatile Use: Whether it's your home, car, office, or bathroom, these air fresheners work wonders to create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere wherever you go.

Banish Smoke Smells: Say goodbye to lingering smoke odors with our dedicated smoke eliminator scent, leaving your space free from any unwanted tobacco smells.

Compact and Convenient: The 2-Pack design offers double the freshness in a compact size, making it convenient to keep one at home and another in your car, gym bag, or office drawer.

Long-Lasting Fragrance: Crafted with premium-quality oils, our air fresheners release a long-lasting fragrance, ensuring your space stays pleasantly scented for an extended period.

Natural & Safe: Formulated with natural ingredients, our air fresheners are safe for both you and the environment, providing a worry-free deodorizing solution.

Wide Range of Scents: Choose from a variety of delightful fragrances to suit your preferences and mood. Whether you prefer fruity, floral, or clean scents, there's a Rocket Scent option for everyone.

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