Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Drinking Straws with 1 Cleaning Brush

Reusable Metal Straws - The metal straws we offer are a great alternative to plastic straws. Their ridges provide better grip and comfort. Using top-of-the-line laser technology and electroplating, these exceptional quality straws are brought to you.

Lightweight Stainless Steel - Made from food-grade stainless steel that is BPA-free. In addition to being portable, they are also durable and dishwasher-safe.

Multi-Purpose Drinking Straw - It's great for preventing beverage stains on teeth. You can drink hot drinks, cold drinks, coffee, juice, ice tea, soda, milk, cocktails, etc., with long straws. It's a great gift for anyone who likes fitness, dining out, home parties, camping, outdoor picnics, drinking at work or school, or vacation. It's also great for tired drivers who need to stop by the shop, sipping coffee will make them feel better.

One Cleaning Brush - Our metal straws come with one cleaning brushe. Designed to be travel-friendly and reusable, the entire set is compact and lightweight.

Perfect for all Occasions - These metal straws blend seamlessly with table decor and are great for parties as well as traveling. Whether it's smoothies, bubble tea, juice, etc., you can enjoy them anywhere.

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