Oopsie Poopsie Toilet Bowl Freshener (4-Pack)

DOING YOUR BUSINESS WITH CONFIDENCE: With a 100% essential oil base, our advanced formula completely traps odors in the toilet. Surrounding you with any of our freshest unique fragrances that will discreetly fill your nose and space of peace while protecting your pride.

ULTRA-PORTABLE AND DISCREET: This personal toilet spray bottle has a convenient travel size. Easy and safe to store with no leaks. Simply shake well then spray twice into toilet. Holds 2 FL oz. / 60mL.
LIGHT SCENT YET POWERFUL ON HEAVY LOADS: It’s a powerful bathroom air freshener and a bathroom must-have, just 2 spritzes will target strong, lingering smells at the source and destroy them. Not just a pre-poo spray, Oopsie Poopsie can also be used post-poo too.
STAY COMFORTABLE WHILE YOU GO: If getting comfortable is what it takes to poop, this pre-poop spray is for you. Oopsie Poopsie will help you comfortably GO to the office or school bathroom, on vacation with friends, spending the weekend at your partner's place, and anywhere with a working bathroom.

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