Lava Stone Glass Diffuser Bracelet with Optional Essential Oils

Glass represents the energies of transformation, uniting of elements, rebirth, focus and communication.

The colors of the glass carry the vibrations of those specific color energies.

About Lava Rocks: Basalt and related rock types like andesite and dacite are rocks that form when volcanoes erupt magma (lava) onto the surface of the earth and the magma cools.

Lava beads are porous and can absorb the oil of your choice.

Directions: I suggest applying just a drop or two of essential oil to the beads. The scent will last a day if not more. You can use any of your favorite essential oils. The rocks are mounted on a sturdy plastic stretch cord.

Materials: Lava Stone, Glass Beads, Pyrite

Beads: 8mm

Size: Adjustable from 6.6 inches to 10.2 inches

Stones feature porous surface which is great for holding essential oils
Allows for enjoying the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy on the go
In combination with essential oils may help minimize symptoms of depression, anxiety, headaches, and other

Essential Oils.

2 bottles of 100% pure essential oils

The bottles will be randomly selected from the following oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Rosemary , Frankincense

To use essential oils, place a few drops onto the bracelet, whose porous beads will absorb the oils and allow them to be slowly diffused over the next 1–2 days

Bottle size: 0.33 fl oz.

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