Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope (20 ft x 7/8 in)

  • 45% stronger and lighter than wire rope
  • Rope is UV resistant
  • Mesh netting storage bag allows wet recovery rope to drain and dry quickly
  • Safe working load limit: 10,985 lbs

High-Strength Professional Rope - You will be shocked at just how great the carrying capacity of the 7/8" diameter Kinetic Recovery Rope actually is. This rope has a Breaking Strength of over 30000 lbs., making it super ideal for any off-road vehicle recovery. The rope can easily pull a 4x4 without any noticeable strain while requiring much less effort when compared to more rigid tow straps or chains due to its stretching kinetic nature.

Ensure Safety - There are a number of reasons we recommend using a thicker rescue rope over the other alternatives. Not only does our high-quality polymer material result in an incredibly safe rope, but it does so for a surprisingly small amount of money. Each rope must pass strict quality inspections and must go through over 200 tensile strength tests before leaving the factory.

Reliable & Durable - Each rope is equipped with a protective cover to defend against physical abrasion as well as an anti-oxidation dye to resist chemicals and ultraviolet lights. In addition to heavy loads, the ropes can withstand extreme temperatures between -40 degrees and up to 215 degrees Fahrenheit.

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