DCF Compression Knee Sleeve with Adjustable Straps


- 68% nylon and 32% spandex


  • Helps support your knee effectively and reduces risk of any knee injuries
  • Provides necessary warmth and compression to help improve blood circulation, and in turn helps relieve pain and recover faster from fatigue
  • Optimum compression – doesn’t result in any welts or blood clots
  • Ideal support for recovery post surgery or injury
  • Graduated compression helps achieve best results without restricting your freedom of movement

Sizing Information:
To find a correct size, measure the circumference of the thigh, 4’’ above the kneecap.

  • Small: 12”-15”
  • Medium: 16”-18”
  • Large: 19”-22”
  • XL: 22”-23”
  • XXL: 23”-24”
  • XXXL: 24”-25”

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