Contour Gauge Profile Tool - 10 Inch Shape Duplicator with Lock


Contour Gauge Tool enables you to accurately copy shapes or duplicate object profiles with ease. It is made by durable and stable ABS plastic, contour gauge duplicator goes with locking mechanism.

It can keep the shape with no move out of form, help you duplicate and transfer the shape accurately to anywhere you need. High precision and the single needle down to 0.06 in, which can provide you a more accurate data. You don’t need to copy the line on the paper and transfer anymore.

Contour Gauge Tool for corners makes cutting and measuring become easier. With the easy-moving needles, it can perfect shaping the odd shape, curves, irregular corners, contours to laminate, carpet, wood board, tiles in woodworking project, construction, home decoration or renovation and DIY project.

This tool is a must-have on the list of gifts for him and her. They're especially great for men and women looking to expand their collection of carpenter tools.

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