Automotive Cup Holder Garbage Trash Can (2-Pack)

Compact Design: Streamlined and space-saving, these Automotive Cup Holder Trash Cans are specifically designed to fit into standard cup holders in most vehicles, ensuring a clutter-free interior.

Convenient Accessibility: The trash cans are strategically crafted with an open-top design, allowing for easy disposal of small items such as wrappers, tissues, and receipts without the need to open or close a lid.

Secure Fit: Engineered with a secure and stable fit in standard cup holders, the trash cans remain in place during drives, preventing accidental spills or tipping over.

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, these trash cans are built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance in the demanding automotive environment.

Easy Maintenance: The removable and washable liners make cleaning a breeze. Simply empty the trash, remove the liner, and wash it for a fresh and hygienic interior.

Dual-Pack Convenience: Comes in a set of two, providing the flexibility to place them in multiple cup holders or different vehicles. Perfect for both the driver and passenger sides.

Versatile Use: While designed for automotive use, these trash cans can also be used in other settings such as offices, desks, or even at home, offering a versatile solution to keep spaces tidy.

Environmentally Friendly: Encourage responsible disposal habits with these portable trash cans, contributing to a cleaner environment by minimizing littering and promoting recycling.

Neutral Aesthetic: With a sleek and neutral design, the trash cans seamlessly blend into the interior of various vehicles, complementing different styles and color schemes.

Affordable and Practical: An affordable solution to maintain a clutter-free and organized vehicle interior, making it an essential accessory for drivers and passengers who value cleanliness and convenience.

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