Adjustable Wrist Compression Support Sleeve (1-Pair)

Have you ever experienced a pain in your wrist if you used too much smartphone or computer?
With this glove , you can improve pain.

May also help relive from pain from Arthritis, Sprain, Jammed finger, Tenosynovitis

Adjustable wrist allow you to adjust compression as needed

Ideal for those who use their hands or have heavy objects for a long time, such as household chores and childcare, put strain on the wrist and thumb. Our wrist support provides wrist protection

Wrist supporter is highly stretchable material that snug fits most hands , both men and women

High Quality Cotton-spandex material with reinforced mesh provides best support

Material is water-resitantant , allows work in kitchen , bathroom , cleaning etc

Available in size Medium and Large

Please refer to the sizing chart to choose correct sizing.

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