38-Pieces Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Set with Case


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  • Complete Crochet Kit: Includes 38 essential crochet tools for all your projects.
  • Ergonomic Design: Each crochet hook features an ergonomic handle for comfortable, pain-free crocheting. 
  • Various Hook Sizes: Set includes a range of 9 different hook sizes from 2mm to 6.5mm.
  • Smooth Crocheting: Crafted from high-quality aluminum for a smooth, snag-free crochet experience.
  • Color-Coded: Each hook size is color-coded for easy identification.
  • Durable Materials: Hooks are made to last with a strong, durable construction.
  • Soft Grip: The handles are made of soft, non-slip materials for a secure hold.
  • Suitable for Beginners: Perfect for those just starting to crochet.
  • Ideal for Experts: Also great for seasoned crocheters looking for a full set.
  • Versatile Set: Suitable for working with various yarn types and thicknesses.

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