100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils (14-Pack)


Fragrant aromatherapy oils with therapeutic properties

Add a few drops to your diffuser to add a pleasing scent to your environment


Helps ward off mosquitoes and other insects

Compatible with diffusers, vaporizers, and humidifiers

Create a custom scent by mixing oils

Made of 100% essential plant oil

Volume per bottle: 10ml


Top 14 Oils include

Bergamot - (Citrus, spice, with a light floral note)

Cinnamon Leaf - ( Spicy, woody, with a sweet, biting note, warm )

Clary Sage - (Woody, herbal, floral) 

Eucalyptus -( Camphoraceous, airy )

Grapefruit - (Citrus, floral, fruity)

Lavender - (Powdery, floral, light)

Lemon - (Clean, fresh, citrus, bright)

Lime - (Citrus, tart, sweet)

Patchouli - (Rich, woody, musky, earthy)

Peppermint - (Minty, fresh, herbaceous)

Rosemary - (Camphoraceous,herbaceous)

Spearmint - (Sweet, minty, fresh)

Sweet Orange - (Sweet, fresh, citrus)

Tea Tree - (Herbaceous, green, leathery)


Each bottle contains 10mL oil 

Made from aromatic essences of plants

100% pure therapeutic-grade

Package in a nice box , ideal for gifting






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